Titles Suck.


Don’t ever expect to find us thinking too hard about a title, because we can’t ever decide on a good one.

Won’t you be my neighbor?  Really?

Knock Knock…Who’s there?  Us.  (Yeah…we’ve got nothing)

Ladies and Gentleman….

So anyway, let’s get past that and move right along.

We are two people (of the feminine persuasion) from a state where all there is to do is read and drink beer.  Not necessarily together, but that’s ok too.  One of us is a nursing student that is bat-shit crazy, and the other is a mom of a one year old and a two year old who has been recently driven crazy.  Their outlet?  Reading.  And telling the world what they think.  Because it’s more fun that way.  We’ve always been pretty creative, and so consider this our jump head first off a cliff into the world of vloggerdom.

For future purposes, our rating system for our books can be clearly defined as follows:

Zero Stars — Completely sucked, I will feed it to my dogs.  Or cats.  I will use it to wipe my ass if the world ends and there is no more toilet paper.

One Star — Pretty bad.  But there is some tiny redeemable factor  that keeps me from slipping it into a box of books at someone else’s garage sale.

Two Stars — A tad better than one star.  The author had somehow managed to get an original thought into a blender full of lame.  Wouldn’t recommend, but would admit I read it.

Three Stars — Switzerland.  Neutral.  No feelings about this book.  Not a horrible read, but not something I’d read it again.

Four Stars — Hey now, this was a good book!  Pretty awesome, but missing that special something.  Would possibly read again, would definitely recommend.

Five Stars! — Awesome!  Good job!  Way to go!  Finally an outstanding piece of literature.  YA can be well-written, beautiful artistry, and this is an example of that.  Would buy.

….Six Stars…? — That’s right folks.  This book can save your soul!  While no one has ever achieved the elusive sixth star, we recognize that anything is possible.


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