So this is me.


Consider this my official introduction.

My name is Katie. I am “too old” to be reading the books I do. But there’s a rhyme to my reason. I don’t want extra gore, swearing, sex, and yada yada. I like good writing, and a good story. Until recently, finding YA books that were actually well written wasn’t that easy. Now they are pouring out of the woodwork. And I’m loving it!  My list of books to read is constantly growing…it’s like rabbits having babies.  It’s almost scary how much good fiction is out there!  I hate stigmas and societal rules that are supposed to define me.  I am unique and genuine totally spontaneous and unpredictable…and Lord help me if I get stereotyped!

Things about me. Hmm. I play lots of instruments, was a drummer in a band for awhile there (I know, party animal, right?), and still love my guitar and songwriting. I also love to just plain write. So I journal when I can get a good sliver of time, have a couple blogs (writing & photos), and am writing a book.  That WILL someday be finished!

Sometimes I can’t get to the things I love most. That’s kind of what being a mom is like, lol, but I love my kids. They are opposites, crazy, and weird. They are perfect. For a quasi-job, besides SAHM, I am a photographer. Probably one of the top ten best jobs ever!  I shoot pretty much anything, but love weddings and engagements…couples in love!  Love is the best subject of all.  There’s a reason that it is present in all the books we read.

The thing you need to know most about me: I am addicted to books. My favorite books to read are young adult fiction, by far. There’s just something cleaner, and better about the plots and writing than regular plain jane adult fiction. For the most part.  I love books that are eloquently written, almost poetic.  I love it when a book takes me somewhere.  Or when a book is so good I read it in just a few hours and lose myself in it.  I don’t have a list of favorites, it’s just too hard to think of every book I’ve read.  I can relate to most stories in some way, and I feel like I give a piece of myself to the book while I’m reading it, and it makes that piece of me fuller, so that when I am done, I am a different person.  At least that is what a book should do.  If I am distracted by bad metaphors, bad writing, or just a bad book in general, I can’t get past that and I won’t be kind in my review.

I also love food, and trying new recipes. My family has recently switched to a much healthier diet, with little dairy, soy, sugar and flour, and no red meat. And no processed food.  Yuck!  (my son can’t have dairy, soy, or beef…and our diets have evolved to fit with his)  So cookbooks are fun. I especially like trying vegan recipes and I am so intrigued by the raw food diet…but it also intimidates me to no end!

A new thing, I love to run. If you had met me anytime in my past, you’d laugh at that statement. Hard.  I hated running with a passion. I played softball in high school, and random other sports.  I was even in track, but only for triple jump.  I just hated it.  But hey, I roll with the punches, and I recently needed a release, and just started doing it. And it totally rocks!

And lastly, you’ll find my nerd-self indulging in a history book every now and then. I majored in history in college and have this thing for it. It captivates me.  Besides history, I’ve completed anthropology (oh I love archaeology…hello Indiana Jones!) and literature and creative writing as minors.  The past is so interesting to me.  How people lived, the decisions they made everyday and why….the world is constantly changing.

I am beginning to review books because I love to read, I can give an informed, unique opinion, and it gives me something to do.  One of the few things I can do while my kids are running around like chickens with their heads cut off is read.  I don’t know how, but I can.  So I do, and this enables me to connect with the world in a great new way!  So hope you like me, and Connie, and what we are doing here.  And if you don’t, take a hike!  HA!

Got all that?


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