The Things I Know


So, this is what I know.

I’m 26 years old and will soon be 27.  Which can I tell you how old that makes me feel?  Since when did I become closer to 30 than 20?  Time goes by so fast.   My name is Connie, no not short for Constance, just the nickname.  I’m also a nursing student.  I already have a BA in Psychology, but just didn’t feel like that fit, so I went BACK to school to get my nursing degree.  This was inspired by my beautiful mother pictured with me in red above.  I love my mother.  She is a long time nurse who is now suffering from Gastroparesis.  Don’t know what it is?  Go look it up:


Nursing school has been probably the hardest time in my life, as it leaves you like no time whatsoever to have a life.  So this summer I am doing some catch up.  I have one  year left, and then will be a BSN!  So next August through May I will be a little MIA, but will come back as often as I can.  All I know, is that I will only try to be as amazing a nurse as my mom.  She is the best woman I know, and the strongest.

I also know that I am in love, yes swoony love – with my boyfriend of almost three years.  Yes, we met online through a dating website.  And yes, once we met we knew we couldn’t be apart so he MOVED states for me.  What a story huh?  Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.  He has made this school year a little more bearable, although he also is one of the MOST annoying people I have EVER met.  And one more thing I know about this, I am TOTALLY robbing the cradle here.  He is only 22!  Ooops!

Another thing I know is that I am without a doubt an addict.  I am addicted to Diet Pepsi, Couponing, Scrapbooking, Cooking and Baking, the Library, and of course, YA fiction.  Why do I love YA fiction?  I love the coming of age, learning who you are part of it.  I love the vunerability and possibilities.  I occasionally read non-ya also, so I’m not strictly into teen reads.  I often feel like this makes me a loser, but here I am embracing my loserdom.  I also enjoy YA fiction because I have a passion for writing it.  After I get out of nursing school I would like to write my own story.  I think that if I won the lottery I would still finish nursing school and would volunteer with it, but would become a full time writer.  I would build myself a HUGE office to write in with a beautiful desk, comfy couches, and a heating blanket.  I am always cold.

A few other things I know:

I love the colors orange and yellow.

If I could travel anywhere it would be to go to Greece.

I put ranch on pizza, french fries, and in spaghetti.  I also put ketchup on green beans.

I’m pretty much a Vampire Diaries (the show) groupie.  I don’t miss an episode.

My favorite books are:  The Hunger Games Series, The Mortal Instrument Series, Thirteen Reasons Why, Starcrossed series, Article 5, and more.


And that’s it.  Hopefully the things I know will help you learn a little about me.




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