This is the first video for the peoples.


I’m feeling a lot of sadness because I was just out of town, and now Connie is going out of town…and we will be somewhat in a state of awayness for awhile and also like half and half, without the other half.  We will obviously continue to post since it is our new favorite awesome stellar thing and it makes our hearts happy.

So don’t be too sad.  There is more coming and you probably won’t even know one of us was gone.

On another note, here is our first totally amazing fantastical, best video of the world {and in it too.}  Did you get all that?  I’m in a mood, and I write like I think.  So deal.

I also feel like I have to tell you that many things happened today, and I’m pretty sure none of them were supposed to.  Also the things that were supposed to?  Yeah they didn’t happen either.  God decided to halfway smite us today, and it resulted in a 105….million degree day.  But seriously.  105.  In Nebraska-talk, that is more like 247 degrees in Arizona.  We have to explain these things….the humidity makes it so disgusting.  I went outside for just a couple minutes, and it smelled like all the things were dying.  Simultaneous slow deaths.  I fled.

So instead of a super awesome, totally different set of videos, we made some in my office with…DUNHDUNHDAAAAH!!!!!  A bookcase behind us!  Because who doesn’t love that?  0 points for originality.  Except you have no idea what weird crap is on my bookshelves.  Maybe I will divulge someday.

But we didn’t melt, and now you get to see the awesomeness, which I KNOW is all you care about.  In fact, I bet you didn’t even read this.

Video Review >> Ingenue by Jillian Larkin


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