My Top Ten Favorite Book Couples


So I decided I’m starting a new post series.  MTT (My Top Ten).  Every so often I will post a new top ten surrounding something to do with books, tv, movies, or just anything.  Feel free to share your top few answers to the weeks MTT in the comments!  Hopefully you can get to know a little about me in the process!


This weeks MTT is about my favorite book couples/ships.  The couples I have rooted for, loved to watch, and gotten pissed off when they weren’t together.  The couples who kept me reading the book even though I wanted to put it down when they weren’t together.  The couples who had me skipping lines and paragraphs just to get to a part where they are having a conversation.  Maybe this list will change as I get more books read, so if it does I will update it at a later time.  But so far, off my read list on goodreads this is MTT favorite book couples:

BEWARE SPOILERS POSSIBLE AHEAD!!!  If you see a book you haven’t read or are going to read, you may want to be cautious before reading the tidbit!


Derek and Chloe from The Darkest Powers Series

In this series the nice guy gets the girl.  Finally a series where the hot golden boy of the series doesn’t end up winning the girls affections!  Every time I start a new series I usually end up cheering for the guy who obviously is going to finish last.  The reason I love this couple so much is because I finally got what I wanted!  Derek starts out as a zit faced, awkward, kind of rude guy.  Through the series you see that he is actually a nice guy who has just had a lot of bad breaks.  I love that Chloe saw through all that and helped him become the protective, sweet guy that we all saw in the last book.  He becomes very swoonable, and I loved watching him fight for her.  So, that’s why Derek and Chloe are my number ten pick.








Bianca and Wesleyfrom The Duff

I love each of these characters seperately, but in this book two rights made a right.  I love Bianca’s sarcastic sass and Wesley’s bad boy turn good guy story.  In the beginning of the story they seem to be polar opposites, but through the story you see that they are actually very similar people.  Through an intimate relationship that starts out lacking any romance, they find solace in each other during their hectic lives.  The author wrote their growing romance perfectly, and I fell in love with them!  I was practically begging for them to get together by the middle of the book.  As the reader, I could already see that they were perfect together, even though they didn’t know it yet.  If you are in the mood for a sweet, hilarious romance pick this one up!








Jasper and Alice from The Twilight Series

Yes, I liked Twilight.  Personally I don’t think that it was the best written story, wasn’t that creative, and the author didn’t use interesting parts of the story to her advantage.  But, despite that, the story is none-the-less addicting.  The one good thing Stephanie Meyer had going for her is that she knew how to write drama.  Great drama.  Drama that kept me, and the world reading.  There will be another couple from this book appearing on this list, but my number eight pick belongs to Jasper and Alice.  I just loved Jasper.  Once I heard his background story and saw just how much he loved Alice, I feel for the couple.  Their story is one that I could actually read as a completely separate book.








Ash and Meghan from The Iron Fey Series

I’m actually not finished with this series yet, so I don’ t know quite yet who she actually ends up with.  I’m currently on the third book, The Iron Queen.  There is a love triangle in this book consisting of Ash, the Winter Prince who is honorable, gentlemanly, and sarcastic in the beginning versus Puck the best friend, hilarious, and sweet protector of Meghan.  Actually, I think this is one of the first series where I actually wanted the hot golden boy I talked about above to get the girl.  Their romance is sweet and fantastical, much like the world that is created by Julie Kagawa.  This couple is on my top ten list because I love the forbidden romance of it all.  Ash, a Winter fae and Meghan a Summer fae, they are told to adhere to the law to not intermingle.  Against all the authority, they fight to be together.  The funny part of this pick, in reality I probably would have fallen for Puck.  But, for Meghan, I feel that Ash is so right!








Jacob and Bella from The Twilight Series

That’s right bitches, I’m Team Jacob.  Screw the whiny, melodramatic, leave the girl when it gets hard Edward.  Jacob really got the short straw, and I absolutely hated when Stephanie Meyer had him imprint on Renesmee.   Just seemed awfully convenient and a great way to get rid of him.  In real life, without Bella’s obsession with Edward, its obvious that Jacob would have been her true love.  It’s not like I hate Edward and hate them together, I just feel like Jacob is better for her.  I mean, c’mon, Edward left when the shit hit the fan when Jasper almost attacked her, and almost left again when he was upset when Bella was prego.  Ya know, I wish that I loved Edward for Bella, it would have made the ending of this story easier to take.








Lucas and Helen from The Starcrossed Series

Okay SWOON.  Swoon.  Double swoon.  Lucas is like the perfect, although typical, YA character.  He is sweet, caring, strong, and swoops in the protect Helen whenever she needs.  Add in a little forbidden romance, greek mythology, and in the second book a love triangle, and you got an epic story.  I voted to add this couple as number five because their passion and love for each other is so strong, it is hard to resist.  Its obvious and written in the stars that these two are meant to be together, but because of multiple reasons they just can’t.  It tears them apart, and also breaks my heart as a reader.  This is one of those books where I could twist the pages and rip them out as I see the characters struggle.  Made me want to throw it across the room and then run to pick it up at the same time.








Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments Series

First, I can’t wait for the movie.  All I got to say is Jamie Campbell Bower better beef it up.  Right now, he in no way reminds me of Jace.  I love this couple for the same reason as I love a few of the couples above:  Forbidden romance!  Nothing can beat forbidden romance, and their story was so forbidden it made even me feel icky sometimes.  But I still wanted them together.  The reason this couple is so high on the list is because the moments between them in the first three books aren’t sweet at all, but passionate.  It was hard to not feel dizzy, excited, and a bit weird after reading a scene with them together.  By the end of the third book when the truth is unraveled, I don’t think I have even been so happy that a couple can finally be together.  As of now, I only have read the first three books.  I am looking forward continuing with this series, although I feel as if starting the fourth book is like starting a whole new trilogy.








Perry and Aria from Under the Never Sky

Perry himself is one of those guys that if he were real, my fiance would have some competition.  Just yum.  But I must focus on the couple… The love story within this dystopian is built up just slowly enough and feels so real.  I love this couple so much I actually fear that the author will fall into the all too common love triangle in the future of the series.  Let’s just hope not, because it will piss me off.  Once again, slightly forbidden romance.  Not forbidden in an icky way, but forbidden in “we have to follow are duty” way.  The perfect verb for how I feel about these two is “swept”.  I felt absolutely swept away each time the author gave us a little more of them together.  This couple is third on the list because I felt so involved with their romance and love each of the characters by themselves.  And, I can’t wait until the next book comes out.  So much potential with these two.








Ron and Hermione from The Harry Potter Series

Who doesn’t love these two?  Okay maybe you Harry/Hermione shippers out there, but I’ll just leave that alone.  This couple is second on the list because it was quite a gift to be able to grow up with the characters and see them blossom from friends to being in love.  The reader had to wait seven books for them to get together, which was amazingly brilliant and also pure torture.  J.K. Rowling was quite a genious.  Not only was I reading this series for the amazing story, but I also was rooting for this couple the whole way.  My favorite scene had to be when Ron was screaming for her while Hermione was being tortured.  Gosh.  My heart twisted for Hermione, but swelled at seeing Ron’s visible feelings for her.  Hat’s off to J.K.








Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games

I actually recently just read this series, so perhaps that is why they are at number one, but I have never loved a couple so much.  I never once thought for even a second that Gale was the one for her.  Peeta and Katniss both go through the same hell in the Hunger Games, so no one could understand Katniss like he can and vice versa.  Also, Peeta’s love for her from the beginning was sweet, loyal, and unwavering.  Because of this, Katniss’s feelings grew to be the same way.  I could list off numerous scenes that I love between the two, so I won’t even get started.  I could reread and reread this series just to watch the crazy awesome action and also the love story between these two.





So that’s it.  I’m not quite sure what the next MTT will be, but most likely it will be favorite TV couples!  Let me know if there are any other MTT you want to see!
By Connie


2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Book Couples

  1. Brittany

    Oh this is great!!! I adore Ron & hermione and really Aria & Perry made the book. Absolutely loved it! Great idea. As much as I love TTT, this is a great little addition.

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