Crazy, Wonderful(?) Booklike Things


Check this out.  Bookarelli on etsy makes kindle covers out of classic books.  Now, part of me is like, what are you doing you are hurting them.

But another part loves it.  Loves that I could read a kindle in a book and feel a little more at home with it.  I love taking all my books with me everywhere.  I hate that they are not really books.  They are like the cyborgs of books.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental then.  Cyborgs are people too, right? 😉

kindle book covers

I love this Pride and Prejudice version.  It’s just so romantic looking!

Not only can you get covers for your e-reader made out of a book to make a somewhat redundant fashion statement, but you can show the world you are a reader!  A nerd!  A lover of words!  How, you ask?

By putting said book-covered-e-reader into your book purse.  Overdoing it?  I say NAY!


(from AlteredDecadence on etsy, click to visit)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide is one of the best books ever written, not just opinion, it’s a fact.  Here, it has been fashioned into a purse.  Normally, it would enrage me to take such a masterpiece’s innards out, but it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide.  It was meant for this kind of abuse.  Somehow, somewhere down the line, it will end up back in it’s original form.  And the back of the purse says, “DON’T PANIC” in large friendly letters, so I can’t freak out.

And I want it.

People are so creative.  Who are these creative people, and how do they think of such semi-crazy things?  Check out the art made out of books below:

(from TwistedPages on etsy)

(from TwistedPages on etsy, click to visit)

A book made into a letter.  Okay.  With some shoes, to boot (HA!).  I actually like this, because it doesn’t need to be a classic to have appeal.  It works better as an old Reader’s Digest book or something with a pattern and no description on the front.

(from PRRINT on etsy)

(from PRRINT on etsy, click to visit)


I just can’t settle on an emotion here.

It’s so pretty.  It’s Alice, with the text faintly coming through.  It’s whimsical and delicate.  I want to love it.  What are your thoughts?

(from RecycledReads on etsy)

(from RecycledReads on etsy, click to visit)

This one seems to fold the pages, so at least the book isn’t ruined.  And there’s a good message…does that make it okay?

What do you think about harming books?  Is a book just an object, or is there a sort of life in it?  Do you feel the reverent respect I feel, or do you think I’m off my rocker?  It’s okay, I don’t really care what you think (if that’s what you think) but if you agree, then I totally care.  HA.  But seriously.

Then there are those that take the image of a book and make it into something to cherish.  I especially love this next item.

tiny book

(click to visit PegandAwl’s etsy shop)

I think what matters here is the heart behind it.  Are these books being destroyed, or are they being given new life?  Should books be carved and gutted, or should we use imitations only, not originals?  It’s an interesting topic, and I’d love to hear your opinion!  
{To visit any of these etsy shops, click on the pictures}

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