About the RR Girls


Hey everyone.  Katie here.  Connie and I have been friends for a long time.  We’ve been in bands together, went to college together, and share our book ideas with each other (which means we trust each other implicitly of course).  We’ve been through thick and thick.  Not that much thin.  One of the things we do for fun, and do pretty much in all our free time, is read.  And write.  We both have a love for the written word, and we both love getting lost in books.  Also, we’re pretty smart.  We like to share our vast knowledge with random people.  Hence a blog on the internet, where there are lots of random people who can see what we are thinking.


Really, we just love to read, and we love to review the books we read.  So we made it official.  We created a blog.  It’s like, a commitment of vast proportions.  So read, follow, watch, and all that jazz.

3 thoughts on “About the RR Girls

  1. Hello Katie and Connie, welcome to WordPress and stuff.

    Hope you like it here, and thanks for the nice comment on my Facebook page. I hope that my bald head, and intense stare doesn’t unsettle you.

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