A list of links to authors, reviewers, and videos.

We are still compiling our list, but for now, check this out:

Facebook >> Check Readdicted Reviewers out on Facebook!  We post regularly, and you can find lots of great books and authors from our page!

Twitter >> Duh!  Of course we have to self-promote!  Twitter rocks!

Goodreads >> A place where you can review, read reviews, check out authors and book lists, join groups, and read ebooks.  You can also download the app and scan books at the bookstore or library.  Awesomesauce.

Harper Teen/Hip Lit >> This is where you can check out what is upcoming or new from Harper Teen.  If you Sign up for the Hip Lit newsletter, here, you will get emails about hot new books, downloads, and news.

PulseIt >> A community created by Simon and Schuster were you get to pick from 2 free online books each month to read and review!  Just sign up and you get access to these books, others reviews, view blogs, comment on message boards, and view book trailers.  So cool.  But the bad news?  You have to be between the ages of 14-18.  This needs to be changed, I think, since their reading base is not all between those ages!  But for those of us who aren’t quite teenagers anymore, here is there base website that shows all their new and upcoming books, watch book trailers, and all that jazz.

YouTube >> Not just where you can check out our videos…look through our channel.  We have lots of great book-related vlogging friends!  Could keep you mesmerized for hours.  Publishers also regularly make book trailers to promote new releases, so search for them.


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